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Updates on property mangement topics for the Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs MSA's.

The Southwest Florida sales market has been progressively plateauing;
A new proposed luxury residential high rise building - “One Naples” - to be built at Vanderbilt Beach. Condos from the $800's and up.
Recent NABOR statistics in addition to new construction communities in Naples indicate a strong buyers market.
A few tips to help you get top dollar for your vacation rental home.
The Brew Ha Ha Fundraiser is a fundraiser to benefit children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. The event is being held on August 20th from 6pm-10pm at Boston Beer Garden in Naples.
Since March 2007, NABOR's inventory has been reduced by over 5,000 units. In April of 2007, NABOR started tracking the months of inventory. In the first month of tracking, April 2007, NABOR reported 34.78 months of inventory. Since the first month of tracking, the inventory has been reduced substantially over the years and demand has picked up. As a result, as of July 31, 2011, NABOR is reporting 8.83 months of inventory, which is the lowest since we started tracking months of inventory. According to Zillow, Naples is just about back to historic norms!
Michael Lissack on the Case-Shiller Index.
For many property managers, the eviction process is a source of great frustration. Managers must be patient, as budget cuts have slowed down the court system and the sheriffs’ civil process divisions. In addition, the property manager may be dealing with a resident who is contesting the eviction, causing hearings to be scheduled by the judge. Meanwhile, the property manager’s account receivable balances grow. This eviction process becomes even more complicated when a resident near or in the eviction process files for bankruptcy. Therefore, it is crucial at this stage to immediately consult with an eviction attorney. Although this may be a stressful time, as the bankruptcy process will be uncharted territory for many property managers, if you follow the advice of your eviction attorney, in most cases the resident will still be successfully evicted. One key point to remember is that once the resident files for bankruptcy, the property manager is prohibited under federal law from undertaking any collection or possession activity without first obtaining permission from the Bankruptcy Court, or the property manager will risk substantial penalties and liability.
A concession is a thing of value, usually in the form of a rent discount, given to a resident as an inducement to rent at the apartment community. Giving a rent concession is a common and effective marketing technique when trying to increase occupancy. The first month may be free, there may be a reduced security deposit, some product or service is given, or most commonly, the rent for the full or partial term may be reduced. A clear understanding of the concession is crucial to avoid problems later in the tenancy when the resident is in default, gets evicted or otherwise breaks the lease prior to the expiration of the term. A concession addendum should always be used rather than simply writing the terms on the special stipulation section of the lease, and this concession addendum must clearly spell out all the terms and condition of the concession. It should never be complicated, convoluted or ambiguous.
There are three ways a landlord obtains possession of a rental unit: surrender, abandonment or eviction. Abandonment and surrender are covered here. Once the landlord has obtained possession by any of the three methods, he may be required to deal with the resident’s remaining personal property, if the resident has left any behind.
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