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Premier Property Management provides expert home and property remodeling services to Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Estero, Fort Myers and across the Southwest Florida region. From kitchen and bathroom renovations to custom tile flooring and wall demolitions, our team of highly trained professionals can do it all. After you've purchased the property of your dreams, we'll help you renovate it and get it ready to rent out for top dollar!

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Our number one goal at Premier Property Management is to ensure the financial success of your property. We consistently deliver high quality results that help maximize the return on your investment. With our team doing all the heavy lifting with estimates, building, and inspections, you won't have to worry about a thing. Plus, our experience expands over one hundred different properties and several happy clients!

Our Renovation Experience

Kitchen Remodels
Kitchen Remodels
Bathroom Remodels
Bathroom Remodels
Wall Demolition
Wall Demolition
Exterior Landscaping
Exterior Landscaping
House Lighting
Fan Installation
Fan Installation
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& So Much More!

Are you ready to discuss your next renovation project? Contact us today. Transparency between our company and our clients is a value we hold to the highest degree. We're always ready to discuss remodeling projects, show you examples of our work, or prepare a consultation. Don't wait until it's too late!

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Licensed contractors and best-in-class local vendors.

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Should I Renovate?

Renovating a home can seem like a complicated task, but really can be simplified with some simple steps. Staying on schedule and under budget is crucial for success. Use this calculator to help you plan out cost and materials.

Premier Property's Renovation Calculator


$2 per square foot


$5 per square foot


Allowance $5 per square foot (up to $3 of the material cost)


$3 per square foot


$35 per square foot (level 2) on a scale of 1 to 5 ...1 is simpler.

A/C Unit:

$4200 (5 ton unit)

Hot Water Heater:


Standup Shower, Double Vanity, 1 Toilet, Light Fixture, Mirror:


Total Cost = $0

PLEASE NOTE: All estimates are dependent on materials.